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Recruit Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve submitted a letter of interest, when will I be contacted?

We will contact you by U.S. mail, email and/or telephone when we open for applications so that you can come in to complete a full application package. Be sure to contact us to update your address and/or telephone number if you have any changes.

What will I need to provide to you as part of the application process?

In addition to the application that you will be required to complete, you will need to provide us with copies of the following documents:

  • Three (3) Current Letters of Recommendation (Must be signed, dated within the past 6 months, and include contact information);
  • Copy of Current Driver’s License;
  • Copy of Driving Abstract;
  • Copies of Vehicle Registration(s) and Proof of Insurance;
  • Copy of Birth Certificate;
  • Proof of Citizenship;
  • Copy of Social Security Card;
  • Copy of High School Diploma/G.E.D.;
  • Official College Transcripts, if applicable;
  • Copy of DD-214, if any military service;
  • Current Credit History Report.
What happens after I submit an application?

Once you submit your preliminary application or letter of interest, your name will be placed on the contact list for the next testing date. We will notify you by mail, email and/or telephone of the date and time that you are scheduled for the physical agility and written testing.

Please note: In order to participate in the physical agility test, you must submit a fitness certificate, signed by your doctor prior to the day of testing.

What is the starting pay for a Correctional Officer?

During the eight-week Recruit Academy, you will be paid $22.00 per hour. Upon successful completion of the Academy and during the twelve month probationary period, the starting rate of pay for a Correctional Officer is $25.00 per hour. You will also receive additional pay for roll call and shift differential (if applicable), as well as longevity bonuses, annual uniform vouchers and bonus pay based on our detainee population levels.

Is overtime available?

Yes. Based on facility needs you may volunteer or you may be forced to work overtime. If you work over forty (40) hours per week you will be paid at your regular hourly rate plus one-half (time and a half).

What will the Academy entail?

During the eight-week Academy, you will become familiar with the Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility’s policies and procedures, as well as, work on personal physical conditioning.  The Academy is operated in a paramilitary fashion.

What will my shift and days off be?

Your shift and days off are assigned according to the operational needs of the facility. You will be informed of your assignment upon successful completion of the Academy.

When should I submit my resignation to my current employer?

Selection for a Correctional Officer position is contingent upon successful completion of a Criminal History/Background check, Physical Examination, Drug Screening, and Psychological Examination. Until you receive written notice that you have successfully completed all phases of the hiring process and an offer to attend the Academy, you should not quit your current job.