Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility Logo

History of the Facility

The Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility was established in 1993 as the nation’s first publicly owned and privately operated adult secure correctional facility and is currently operated by the Central Falls Detention Facility Corporation. This special non-profit, quasi-public detention facility was developed for use by the United States Marshal Service (USMS) in the Northeast and was later extended to include the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE).

Beginning in October of 2011, the facility began serving the United States Navy, housing Navy personnel who have been placed in the custody of the General Court-Martial Convening Authority (GCMCA).

The facility operates at maximum security utilizing an architectural and high-tech design and construction containment system. A $47 million expansion was completed in December of 2006 and increased the maximum occupancy from 300 all-male housing to its current capacity of 770 including a 40-bed unit for female detainees.