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Public Records Requests

The information below includes documentation regarding the procedure for requesting public records as well as the required form.

Public Records Request Guidelines

The Central Falls Detention Facility Corporation (CFDFC) adheres to the Access to Public Records Act, R.I. Gen. Laws 38-2-1, et. seq., and has instituted the following procedures for the public to obtain public records.

To reach us by telephone please call (401)729-1190 and asked to be connected to the Warden’s Assistant.  Requests for records must be mailed to the CFDFC, Attn: Facility Warden, who is designated as the public information officer.  The mailing address is: Central Falls Detention Facility Corporation, Attn: Facility Warden, 950 High Street, Central Falls, RI 02863.  Requests may also be hand-delivered to the facility at the Lobby and addressed to the Facility Warden’s attention or requests may be emailed to

The regular business hours of the CFDFC Administrative Department is Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.  If you come in after the regular business hours, please complete the Public Records Request Form at the Lobby desk and it will be delivered to the Warden the next business day.

You are not required to provide identification or the reason you seek the information, and your right to public access will not depend upon providing identification or reason.

In order to ensure that you are provided with the public records that you seek in an expeditious manner, we ask that you complete the Public Records Request Form located at the Lobby desk or on our website, or otherwise submit your request in writing.

Please be advised that the Access to Public Records Act allows a public body ten (10) business days to respond, which can be extended an additional twenty (20) business days for “good cause.”  We appreciate your understanding and patience.

If you feel that you have been denied access to public records, you have a right to file a review petition with the Attorney General.  You may also file a lawsuit in Superior Court.

The CFDFC is committed to providing you with public records in an expeditious and courteous manner.