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Position Description - Correctional Officer

Position Description

Under general supervision, performs corrections work of moderate difficulty ensuring the welfare of detainees and maintaining security, control, and custody in a direct supervision jail, and performs related work as required.

Examples of Duties
  • Maintains security of assigned facility by observing and controlling detainee behavior, determining detainee classification levels, enforcing discipline and reporting observation;
  • Inspects the living conditions within the housing units for compliance with sanitation objectives;
  • Conducts checks of detainee housing and cell searches for detainee census and detection of contraband;
  • Controls, operates, and inspects life safety equipment, electronic safety and surveillance equipment and door control systems;
  • Monitors visitors entering and exiting the facility;
  • Performs booking, fingerprinting, identification and records maintenance procedures;
  • Participates in evacuation procedures and maintains security in emergency situations;
  • Provides information to detainees and the public regarding facility rules and regulations;
  • Maintains security of prisoners transported and provides a safe environment for surrounding areas;
  • Provides escort services within the facility;
  • Provides transport services and security of detainees to various locations;
  • Physically restrains detainees with handcuffs and leg irons when needed;
  • Testifies in court proceedings, as needed;
  • Participates in investigations and compiles information regarding detainee grievances and hearings;
  • Assists in updating policies, operational procedures, programs, and statistical data;
  • Provides information and tours for outside agencies and authorized visitors, as needed;
  • Inputs and retrieves information using automated records system;
  • Provides on-the-job training for new recruits;
  • Prepares lesson plans, instructs correctional officers, coordinates correctional training programs and assists with in-service training, as needed;
  • Annual firearms re-qualification, proficiency in use of firearms;
  • May be required to carry/use firearms;
  • Must adhere to the policies and regulations set forth in the Employee Handbook and facility policies;
  • Must be available to work overtime, with little or no advance warning;
  • During emergencies, may be required to work overtime.
Minimum Qualifications

Good knowledge in:

  • Interpersonal communications;
  • English language.

Some knowledge in:

  • Criminal justice system;
  • Security practices and procedures used in a direct supervision jail;
  • Varied social, economic and cultural background;
  • Report preparation, record-keeping and report writing;
  • Spanish language.


  • Maintaining security, control, and custody of detainees;
  • Responding to emergency situations quickly, calmly, and decisively;
  • Observing situations and recalling facts;
  • Interacting with people of varied social, economic, and cultural backgrounds;
  • Communicating effectively, both orally and in writing;
  • Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with others;
  • Listening effectively;
  • Maintaining records and preparing reports;
  • Performing defensive tactics which require quick reflexes, agility, coordination, and strength;
  • Identifying normal and abnormal patterns in behavior;
  • Performing tasks requiring manual dexterity.

Essential Functions

Ability to:

  • React to physical confrontations and emergency situations quickly and effectively;
  • Stand and sit for long periods of time;
  • Bend, reach, kneel, and crouch;
  • Climb up and down stairs and ladders with speed and agility;
  • See clearly and recall visual details;
  • Hear and understand speech and radio transmissions;
  • Lift up to 50 pounds;
  • Perform multiple physical tasks simultaneously;
  • Drive vehicles including automobiles, trucks, or vans;
  • Speak clearly.

Training and experience

  • High school diploma or G.E.D. certificate;
  • Licenses and Certificates;
  • Possession of a valid state driver’s license at the time of appointment.
Explanatory Note

*In a direct supervision jail, correctional staff control behavior of the jail population through a proactive concept based on direct detainee supervision. In this setting, detainees are given the responsibility to influence their treatment and privileges through control of their own behavior. This direct supervision approach is unlike the more traditional reactive containment approach, which utilizes bars, security glass and other barriers. Officers in a direct supervision jail are assigned to work inside each pod with direct contact to the detainees.