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Educational Programs


This course provides a review of the basic rules of English grammar, usage, sentence structure, and paragraph writing culminating in practical writing exercises.


Classic literature, poetry, drama, autobiography, popular works, short stories, myths and legends, mysteries, Shakespeare, Black and Native American cultural works provide an endless variety of literary material to engage students in reading and discussion classes.

ESL - English as a Second Language

This course is designed to develop and improve reading, writing, speaking, and understanding English skills for those whose primary language in not English. Vocabulary development, pronunciation, and reading comprehension are enhanced through direct and computer enhanced instruction.


Remediation in Basic Mathematics, Algebra I and Algebra II, Consumer Mathematics, and Geometry are offered.


This course encompasses the study of living things, both plant and animal. The structure, processes, function of cells, tissues, organs, systems and organisms will be covered within the environment and eco-system.

US History

The following topics will be covered: first Americans, colonization, exploration, revolution, development of government and political parties, expansion and reform, Civil War, industrialization, modern America, World Wars, Depression, and contemporary times.

World History

This course will cover historical content from the beginnings of human history up until present day. Early civilizations, the development of major religions, the Middle Ages and Renaissance, revolution and reform movements will comprise the basic themes relevant to the content.


This course is designed to develop basic typing skills using the correct finger/key positions. Repetitive skill exercises will help to develop digital dexterity, speed, and accuracy.


A review of the basic principles of chemistry will include: the periodic table, elements and compounds, properties, metric system, chemical reactions, solutions and solubility, oxidation and reduction, acids and bases, salts, gases and chemical formulas.

Spanish for English

This program is intended for English speakers who want to learn the basics of the Spanish language such as vocabulary, verb tenses, plurals, masculine and feminine endings, pronunciation, simple conversation and writing skills. It is offered as both computer and direct instruction.


A number of writing courses are offered to improve or develop writing skills, such as, developmental, creative, essay, and composition.
Computer: Computer instruction is offered in Word, Excel, Access, Web Publishing, and Power Point.


This is a survey course intended to introduce the student to the terminology and concepts of -macroeconomics. Topics include economic systems, the flow of goods and services, allocation of resources, money and banking, stock, commodity, and industrial markets and indices, and the role of government in the economy.


This is an introductory course to familiarize the student with the concepts of the study of psychology and the influential contributors in the field. Some other topics covered include self-esteem, memory, substance use and abuse, psychological tests, psychological disorders, mental health, stress, coping mechanisms, gender identity and roles in society.

American Government

This course follows the development of the American system of government, rights, responsibilities, and the role government plays in the life of the individual.

Specialized courses are developed to provide depth of study in these and other content areas as needed.