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Visitor Rules and Regulations


ATTENTION - REVISED VISITATION PROCESS: The Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility will implement a visitor pre-approval application process for all detainees admitted to the facility after March 29, 2015.  Detainees admitted after this date MUST place their potential visitors on their Visitation List in accordance with the procedures outlined below. Individuals who are not on the detainee's Visitation List WILL NOT be allowed to submit a visiting application.

Visitation for detainees admitted prior to this date will not be required to undergo the pre-approval process.  However, all other procedures set forth below will apply.


1. All detainee social visits shall be held in the non-contact visiting area. Telephones utilized for social visits shall be monitored and recorded.

2. A detainee who anticipates social visits must provide their prospective visitors name, address and date of birth (DOB) on the Visitor Request Form which shall initially be given to the detainee by a Programs Counselor during the detainee’s intake period.

3. Detainees shall be allowed to list up to seven (7) social visitors (not including children) on their visiting list.

4. The detainee must complete the Visitor Request Form and return it to the Programs Counselor. The Programs Counselor shall provide the detainee with the corresponding number of Visiting Applications not to exceed seven (7) plus the necessary amount for children under the age of eighteen (18).

5. The Programs Director or designee shall forward copies of the completed Visitor Request Forms to the Visitation Lobby Officer who will keep them on file pending approval of the application process.

6. Up to two (2) adult visitors from the detainee’s immediate family AND listed on the detainee’s Visitor Request Form may be allowed one (1) courtesy visit each per week prior to approval of the visiting application. Persons with a criminal history (ex-offenders) and/or individuals with pending legal cases (offenders) shall not be allowed a courtesy visit.

7. All approved visitors shall undergo a criminal history and warrant check at least annually.

8. Child Visitors:

a. A child visitor must be an immediate family member of the detainee being visited. Only the detainee’s children, grandchildren and/or siblings may be considered for a child visit, these categories shall include step/foster relationships. Child visits shall not include nieces, nephews, cousins and other non-immediate family members.
b. A child visitor must have their respective parent or legal guardian complete and sign their Visiting Application. The parent or guardian shall also submit a Visiting Application.
c. A child visitor must be accompanied to the visit by an authorized adult (i.e., an adult immediate family member or a legal guardian who is on the approved visiting list, or an adult authorized by the Department of Children and Families (DCF), or other adult approved by the Warden.
d. The adult must produce the child’s original birth certificate to the Lobby Officer each time the child visits.
e. Children shall remain under the supervision of the adult visitor at all times while on facility property and during the visit.

9. It shall be the detainees’ responsibility to mail the Visiting Application(s) to the prospective visitors or instruct them to print out the Visiting Application from the facility web site and instruct them to complete the application and return it via United States Postal Service (USPS) to the Programs Director or place it in the designated box located in the facility Lobby. The Programs Director or designee shall be responsible for emptying the box each business day. Visitors shall not be allowed to hand deliver their application to the Lobby Officer or other staff member.

10. The Programs Director or designee shall compare the completed Visiting Applications against the detainees Visitor Request Form to insure that the individual listed on the application has been listed by the detainee.

11. The Programs Director or designee may require verification of information provided on the Visiting Application or any other information deemed significant.

12. A criminal history and warrant check shall be conducted by the Professional Standards Unit (PSU) or designated, certified staff person to verify criminal history information.

13. An application for visitation shall normally be approved, unless there is reasonable belief that such authorization may jeopardize safety or security, for reasons including, but not limited to issues of contraband, disruptive behavior, or failure to comply with facility rules. A person may also be removed from a visiting list for similar reasons.

14. Any visitor with an active warrant or pending criminal case(s) shall be precluded from routine placement on a detainee’s visiting list.

15. Detainees shall be notified in writing of the approval or denial of their visitation requests within thirty (30) days of receipt of the completed application. It shall be the responsibility of the detainee to notify the proposed visitor of their visiting status.

16. A proposed visitor may appeal the denial of a request to be placed on a visiting list in writing to the Warden within ten (10) days of notification of denial. The appeal shall be answered within fifteen (15) days of receipt by the Warden whose decision shall be final.

17. Additions and deletions to a detainee’s approved visiting list may be requested by a detainee using the procedures contained in this section. Modification to the visitation list shall not normally occur more frequently than every ninety (90) days. All requests for visitation list modifications must be submitted to the Programs Department staff.

18. Individuals who have pending criminal charges (offender) and individuals who have been previously convicted of a crime (ex-offender) shall be precluded from routine placement on a detainees visiting list. However, a current or ex-offender may request permission to visit, in writing utilizing the Offender/Ex-Offender Visiting Application and forwarding it to the Warden for consideration. The Warden or his designee shall review such request for:

a. severity and nature of the offense and sentence;
b. likelihood of ongoing criminal behaviors and ideation; and,
c. discharge from supervision and/or oversight by any portion of the criminal justice system.

19. A facility employee or former employee shall be prohibited from placement on a detainee’s visiting list unless the employee or former employee is an immediate family member AND only when authorized in writing by the Warden.

20. Former detainees or aliens in deportation proceedings, requesting to visit with an ICE detainee, shall be referred to the Warden or the ICE Field Office.

21. No visitor, except an immediate family member, shall be on more than one (1) detainee’s visiting list (i.e., to visit two or more detainees, the visitor must be an immediate family member to all the detainees on whose list the visitor is on). This requirement may be waived in writing at the discretion of the Warden.

22. A visit between a detainee and the detainee’s victim shall not be permitted unless approved in writing by the Warden.

23. A detainee who returns to the facility as a re-book after a period of one hundred- twenty (120) days (with the exception of detainees returning from an outside hospital) must submit a new visiting list in accordance with the procedures set forth in this policy. In the event that a detainee’s visiting list is still active in OMS upon re-admission to the facility, all visitors listed shall be de-activated and the pre-approval process must be restarted.


1. A special visit on a day or time other than what is allowed in accordance with the established visiting schedule may be authorized by the Programs Director, Shift Commander or higher authority.

2. Special visits may be allowed in extenuating circumstances only, (i.e., death in family, family crisis, visitor who has traveled more than 400 miles one way, etc.).

3. All other requirements set forth in this document shall apply to special visits to include the pre-approval process.


1. A detainee shall be authorized to place up to seven (7) visitors (not including children) on their visiting list. Privileged and/or professional visitors shall not count against the authorized number on an approved visiting list.

2. A detainee may have up to two (2) adults and two (2) children per visit.

3. Detainees are permitted to have three (3), one (1) hour visiting periods, or one extended and one (1) regular one (1) hour visit per week. The visitation week shall be Sunday – Saturday. Assigned workers shall be permitted to have four (4), one (1) hour visiting periods each week. Assigned workers are also authorized to have visits on Saturdays and/or Sundays.

4. Non-contact visiting is authorized four (4) days per week in accordance with the Non-Contact Visiting Schedule. Each visiting period is scheduled for one (1) hour. If overcrowded conditions exist, further restrictions shall apply.

5. A copy of the Non-Contact Visiting Schedule and Visiting Rules shall be posted in each housing unit, facility Lobby and facility web site The visiting schedule and related information is also provided in the Detainee Handbook and Main Lobby for public review. Whenever possible, sufficient notice shall be given if any changes are made to the visiting schedule.

6. Extended visits are permitted when sufficient space is available. Prior approval is not required. The following restrictions apply regarding extended visiting periods:

a. An extended visiting period shall only be permitted when there is adequate seating in the visiting room to accommodate the visit.
b. Any visitor who chooses to use an extended visiting period must realize that they may be asked to leave the visiting room in order to accommodate any visitor who requests to visit during their authorized visiting period.
c. The extended visiting period shall be recorded as an additional visiting period.
d. Extended visiting periods shall not occur on legal holidays.

7. Visiting periods on legal holidays shall be counted as a visit. The following legal holidays shall be recognized:

• New Years Day
• Martin Luther King Day
• President's Day
• Memorial Day
• Independence Day
• Labor Day
• Columbus Day
• Veterans Day
• Thanksgiving Day
• Christmas Day


1. All visitors must complete a Notification to Visitors and Request to Visit Detainee Form. The name and age of any approved visitor, under the age of eighteen (18), must also be listed on the form. Incomplete and/or forms that are not legible shall not be accepted for processing.

2. Visitors must submit the Notification to Visitors and Request to Visit Detainee Form and their current identification which, in the opinion of the admitting officer is adequate and is at a minimum, a current photographic identification, such as a valid driver’s license, current passport or other appropriate governmental photo identification. In the case of a child visitor, the authorized adult must produce the child’s original birth certificate at each visit.

3. The Lobby Officer shall verify that the visitor(s) have been pre-approved (if applicable). The Lobby Officer shall verify the information on the Notification to Visitors and Request to Visit Detainee Form with the information on the visitor’s identification card and the information provided.

4. The visitor's photograph identification card must be maintained by the Visitation Lobby Officer for the duration of the visit. At no time is a credit card to be maintained by the Visitation Lobby Officer in place of proper identification.