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The Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility has contracted with Aramark Correctional Services to provide a wide variety of products specifically for correctional facilities.

All commissary purchases must be made using funds available in a detainee's funds account. For information on how to deposit funds, please click the "Depositing Funds" link.

iCare Gift Program

Why iCare? The iCare Gift Program is a powerful, convenient way to tell an offender that they have the support of their loved ones no matter the occasion. Studies have shown that family support is a key driver in keeping offenders from returning to the correctional system. According to the Urban Institute Study on recidivism: “Perhaps the greatest resource in reentry planning is the family. Families are an important source of housing, emotional support, financial resources, and overall stability for returning prisoners.” iCare provides a great way for families and friends to show their support and let the offender know they are thinking about them.

Click on the link below to access the iCare web site.